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INK Consulting’s mission is to help nonprofit organizations realize the potential of all relationships. INK combines hands-on experience, strategic thinking and a healthy view of the big picture to help nonprofits create an organizational culture of concentrating on what really drives mission success: relationships.


Calling All (Logic Model) Nerds

I’m a true believer that you can’t get anywhere without a map. (I can hear my husband laughing now because I’m the most directionally challenged person on the planet. I love my GPS.) But, in nonprofit speak — which is my favorite lingo! — you have to know how you plan to get where you are going. Ah, behold the logic model.

You can find endless logic model examples on Google, Wikipedia and the like. Nell Edgington at Social Velocity has a great tool that I highly recommend, a step-by-step guide for Creating a Theory of Change. Logic models are crucial tools that help businesses and nonprofits alike. I mean, sometimes I use a logic model to think about how I might attack my day. But I’m a logic model nerd, so…

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The Big Picture

I had one of those moments this week. The moment where you realize… I see the big picture, but am I helping everyone else see the big picture too? Are people following me blindly, with trust that I see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I’m a big picture person. I have to know the answer to “…to what end?” at all times. When I know the big picture, my brain just works in terms of goals, strategies, tactics… you get the idea. I’m a strategy person. Beyond that, I really like to make plans that achieve the strategies I’m after. I’m a planning person. But even I get lost in the weeds some times.

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