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INK Consulting’s mission is to help nonprofit organizations realize the potential of all relationships. INK combines hands-on experience, strategic thinking and a healthy view of the big picture to help nonprofits create an organizational culture of concentrating on what really drives mission success: relationships.

INK’s Social Good Faves

I often come across articles that are too good to keep to myself, because the message is so powerful for creating social good, for nonprofits (and often businesses, too).

Updated September 28, 2012

Updated August 31, 2012

  • The Social Good Girl’s Guide (@Kate4Good on Twitter) unpacked what generosity means to her: Generosity (re)Defined. It inspired me!
  • Pamela Grow (@PamelaGrow on Twitter) always has great content. This week she shared an archived link that speaks to nonprofits about the importance of development and program staff working together. Archive or no archive, this is VERY relevant: Program and Development Staff, Together At Last.
  • Data, data, data. I love it. Many nonprofits have a love-hate relationships with it. I found two articles that are very different, but each struck me this week. Always helpful, Beth Kanter (@kanter on Twitter) very clearly answered How Nonprofits Can Switch to a Data-Informed Culture. She makes the case, gives a practical example, and tips to change organizational culture. I loved this article. I also found a helpful article from Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz on Twitter) , reminding us that data is just one piece of the puzzle toward understanding our customers: What Data Can’t Tell You About Your Customers.

Updated August 24, 2012

Updated August 16, 2012

Updated July 13, 2012


One thought on “INK’s Social Good Faves

  1. Thanks for including our post, Reframing Fundraising as the Beginning of the Story. I’m really glad you liked the post and very much appreciate you sharing it.

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